Metaphysics – Beyond the Physical

“I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details”. Albert Einstein

Looking at symptoms from a higher dimension, from the beyond, has been an imperative part of our work. It has been tremendously liberating for many people, and it has brought clarity and empowerment to many who decided to responsibly participate in their healing process.

We believe that we all create our own reality. We only have to learn to take responsibility for our thinking process and our subsequent actions. Every thought has energy and every thought we think is creating our future.

If we are prepared to do the mental work, then we can heal almost anything.

Some forms of teaching focus only on breathing techniques. Breathing helps, but we have to go about a complete transformation, if we want to become enlightened beings.

Going beyond the physical has also brought humour back into our healing. Nobody has ever died from laughter, but many have laughed themselves back to wellness, often by taking a good look into the mirror with compassion and unconditional Love.

Teaching metaphysics through our own expansive case studies plays an important part of the journey with Reiki Resonance. I am currently writing a book about it and believe that you too can become your own metaphysician.

Metaphysics is a matrix you go through to experience greater Love and Awareness.