Chanting and Music

The Practise of Akhanda Kirtan (Continuous Chanting)

Akhanda Kirtan is a specific sadhana (spiritual practise). It is the unbroken repetition of the Divine Name. Sages and saints, of many traditions, throughout the ages, have celebrated the benefits of Chanting the Name of the Divine. Many say that it is the quickest way to realise the Divine within and to purify oneself and the surrounding environment.

Many Masters of Divine Resonance have inspired me through this wonderful art of expression.

I had the privilege and honour to chant and play flute with Deva Premal, Miten and other 80 divine voices at the Lake Ainsworth retreat in Australia. Deva Premal encouraged everyone to continue with this art and hold Satsang and Chanting Circles.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful devotional musicians who accompany me on vocals, harmonium, keyboard and flutes. The dates for a Kirtan are to be announced under the web page – Seminars.


We Honour all Traditions

Looking forward to chanting with you! * HARI OM TAT SAT *