Hi Michelle & Marcus,

Lisa Perry here from the Reiki Level 1 course on the weekend. Just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the amazing weekend of my life. Today was the beginning of a whole new life for me. I feel for the very first time in my life true enlightenment. I actually feel like I am a ball of light and it seems to be comming from every part of my body. I now don’t feel others pain, only pure love. My hands constantly tingle and are almost with a mind of their own begging me to use them. It feels painful not to. I asked my daughter if she would like Reiki last night and being open as she is immediately said yes. As I layed my hands on the very first position she started to sobb. She released a lot of emotion and I didn’t feel the need to talk or placate in any way but kept my hands on and eventually she calmed and seemed to sink into the bed. She was mellow as I have never seen her before except when maybe having accupuncture.

I feel so very blessed to be able to use Reiki on myself and family and cannot thankyou enough for opening up my eyes to the beauty within us all and the amazing power we all have. I cannot wait to do Reiki 2 and would love to hear from you when this next takes place. Hope to see you both soon and thanks once again.

All my love Lisa Perry, Gold Coast

I was introduced to Reiki 11 years ago. Being a Scientist I was sceptical and tried to analyse and categorise the Reiki. It wasn’t until I had a chance to USE my hands, FEEL the energy and SEE the results that I began to understand…not in a scientific technical way, but in a way that came from somewhere much deeper than intellect…it came from the heart. It was exactly what I needed to help me face the fury that raged inside, the fury that I had denied existed all along.

Reiki encouraged me to open up without feeling vulnerable, without interference and without prescribed therapeutic drugs. I learned how to express emotions in an appropriate manner. Reiki helped me understand that by giving to yourself, you can give of yourself.

It’s the gift of unconditional love.

Lise Zumbo BSc (Biomed), Ass Dip (Biotech), Hawaii

Reiki has been the beginning of a new life for me….. Life with awakening and understanding. It has helped me transform myself from a person with anger, pain, sadness and frustration to one with clarity about life and its beautiful and abundant gifts. Reiki has opened channels to the latent powers within me giving me access to all that I desire in life. I am grateful to my loving teachers Michelle and Marcus Nassner for being instrumental through this journey.

Gayatri D. IT Manager, Sydney

I was first introduced to Reiki by Michelle and Marcus Nassner eight years ago….

Through the teachings and healing, I gained greater confidence, and it is regularly commented that I have an inner calmness and composure, which I attribute to Reiki.

I’ve learnt to take responsibility for my own actions. Which has given me an enormous amount of empowerment at all levels of my life .

Sarah C. Executive Assistance, Sydney

I was visiting an 8 year old girl in hospital with Leukaemia in order to do the Illness Support Program but she was too sick to participate so I told her to relax whilst I Reiki her. 40 minutes later this grey-faced sad little girl woke up with rosy cheeks, a smile and waiting to do the program. I returned the following day and she had written in her journal….”I loved doing the program with Lizzi today and I can’t wait for her to come back tomorrow and I want what she’s got in her hands!”

I went to reiki a 6 month old dying baby (about 4 weeks to live) who was in a cold air-conditioned bedroom and looked like a cherub – he looked perfect. I gave him Reiki for an hour and a few times he opened his eyes and looked at me. The mother put him into hospital during the week and brought him home at weekends due to her not being able to cope emotionally and physically with his medical needs. After the Reiki, the mother said he was in coma so it was very unusual he had opened his eyes. That night I felt so sad for the baby. Why couldn’t she or the father just hold this baby until he died? But the baby was ok. He had felt the love and knew the love from the Reiki, it was the mother who would miss out if he died in hospital without her. 36 hours after I reikied Ethan, I got an SMS saying Ethan had died that day “….in the loving arms of his mother and father…” I wept with joy.

Lizzi Swatland – Author & Reiki Resonance Coordinator,
Gold Coast – Hopewell Centre & Paradise Kids

Reiki is a life treasure, and I am a huge fan. Thank you for the introduction and continuous learning and understanding of my destiny and Self with clarity, passion, confidence and purpose. One of the most valuable things to me is the powerful process to heal in a safe, loving, supportive, positive environment. No matter where I am, there is a healing that can make my life better…the power of love. Thank you Marcus and Michelle .

Jane W. Sales Director, Sydney

I am very impressed with my first Reiki session. I went with an open mind but not knowing what to expect. I left the session feeling the most extraordinary “buzz or vibrancy”, like a fully recharged battery. It is such a great feeling. I also feel as though I have received a cleansing “shower on the inside” energetically. Finally, there is a quality of crystal clarity to my vision and attention. I think it would be excellent to receive Reiki before an important event like an exam or a job interview. It is clear to me that Reiki is a valuable wellness resource for anyone.

Carolyn Boniface, Advanced Certified Rolf Practitioner, Stokers Siding NSW.

Before Reiki, I had a life of self-destruction…now, I am able to discover what Truth is for me. After the Reiki seminar I felt as if a boulder of rock had been removed from inside of me…it was vibrant – a feeling of liberation and freedom…I felt much calmer. I no longer drink excessively, and I now use the Reiki in everyday life – it keeps me focused on what it is that I am and can co-create in my life. I can choose drama or I can empower myself into a more Self-serving co-creation. I’ll take the Reiki any day!

Kim H. Beauty Therapist, Sydney

Hi Marcus and Michelle;

I would just like to thank you for your reiki seminar in march 2008. The seminar was the beginning of a new life for me, the transformation has been the most powerful experience i believe i have ever had .
There just isn’t enough words to explain how much my life has changed , but i can say that its great!!!! better then great , mind blowing, i now have this greater understanding of what i’m here for, and well that’s a good thing to know. I seem to be so comfortable within myself that i have more compassion and understanding for people that i wouldn’t of had time for before. I feel privileged to have meet both of you and i will look forward to seeing you again when i do the reiki 2 seminar. Thank you again, yourselves and Lizzi are an inspiration to all.

Kaz Seddon, Gold Coast