About Mastery…

just a few words about the Journey

Many people today recognize that the world is in great need of healing, and that Reiki should be made available to anyone. Some who carry the title “Reiki Master”, unfortunately, lack the training and have done very little to serve Reiki.

However we are now noticing, that people are learning to use their power of discernment.

Practitioners who are ready to embrace their next step in their life’s journey are not simply satisfied any more with a “master-workshop” but are looking for the essence, the embodiment of the resonance and the understanding.

Our Reiki Resonance First Degree seminar has been life changing for many people, because of it’s solid foundation training and powerful transmission. Our Reiki Resonance Second Degree seminar, also called Advanced Absent Healing seminar, is praised by leading transpersonal psychologists as the most empowering tool today and a blueprint for the future.

Reiki is an energy of wholeness, and I believe in the divine intelligence of people and their ability to recognize excellence.

After the completion of First and Second Degree Reiki comes a time when you want to practise and find out for yourself if what you have been taught makes sense in your life. To become a masterful practitioner, you need your own case history, your understanding of metaphysics, knowledge in anatomy, counselling skills, ethical conduct, a professional set-up for your practice, and you need to administer constant healings on yourself.

Giving and Receiving is the key to Service.

You also need to have the support and guidance from your teacher and the group you are working with. There is much to be said about the student-teacher relationship. It is one that is based on trust, integrity and mutual empowerment. All refinements with Spirit take time.

In between, we practise Meditation, become Alchemists through the power of Transformation, we experience the synergy of Reiki Resonance group work, we learn how to master our emotions, we get to know our shadow self in a safe and compassionate environment, we embrace Conscious Living with Dying in 8 day retreats and experience our expanding Resonance by reading the Akashic Records.

Some people ask: “How long does it take to become a Master?” The answer is simple: “How long do you need?”

If you have not taken responsibility for your own healing and have not mastered your Self, how can you responsibly participate in, and empower another’s spiritual journey? Practising makes the Master, not purchasing a title or a master symbol. ‘Master’ is a term of respect earned after many years of trials, yielding and practical experience. Mastery is not simply given. It takes everything you’ve got, and there is no other way. The secret is to fall in love with the Journey.

Our Teacher Denise Crundall was a true Master. She passed away in June 2002. We honor her teachings and continue to uphold them by further refining them to suit changes in consciousness. The teachings are not dogmatic, they are simply profound. The Reiki vibrational energy is the foundation, combined with the wisdom teachings they provide a mandala which makes it easier to hold the Resonance of Love and Light.

Our dream to deliver the teachings and initiations of Reiki Resonance into Europe and Australia and to empower people from all walks of life has already come true. The greatest joy of our community now is to see more and more Reiki Channels committing themselves to Self-Mastery through the Path of Grace. Reiki Resonance is a way to Self-Mastery.

We are offering intensive training for those wanting to achieve Mastery.

Your heart is sacred – listen to your heart and have the courage to follow it.

May the journey begin… with Love

Marcus Nassner