Marcus Nassner

Reiki Master/Teacher Marcus Nassner studied with the internationally respected Master/Teacher Denise Crundall from Australia. She is the Founder of “The Usui Reiki Centre” in Australia, USA and Canada.  

Marcus has been a Reiki practitioner for over 25 years and is internationally known through his teachings, healing music, his guidance of transformational meditation and his writings as an author. He immigrated to Sydney/Australia in 1981 and applied himself in the study and practice of eastern and western mysticism, anthroposophy and philosophy for 14 years. He discovered Reiki in 1993 and apprenticed himself for another 9 years to Denise Crundall, travelling and co-teaching with her for 3 years. His professional background as a Producer/Engineer has allowed him to work with some of the best classical and jazz artists in the world. Being an accomplished musician himself he records and produces his own Music and Meditation CDs.

Marcus has a contagious passion for Metaphysics. He offers holistic insights of profound clarity and simplicity to seemingly complicated issues. Marcus travels internationally wherever he is invited to teach, sharing information and initiations, which assist students and communities to be empowered. As an astute practitioner he has accumulated a wealth of case studies, offering much spiritual wisdom and experience to students. His style is dynamic, compassionate, empowering and joyful.

His Love of Reiki and Community brings much clarity and lightness of heart to many people around the world.