What is Meditation?

In its essence, it is the art of being aware of what is going on inside you and around you, and out of this awareness comes Silence.

The Sacred Mountain

Every ancient cosmology had its Sacred Mountain. These mountains were nearly always described as having seven levels with a great cloud and a temple or a palace at the top. The mountain is Shambala; it is Sinai, Valhalla, Olympus, the new Jerusalem. It is Asgard; it is the City of the golden Gates of Atlantis.

All are archetypes of this sacred mountain. Masters of meditation have identified seven “kinds” of energy centres. Metaphysics teaches seven level of consciousness. The “Secret of the Golden Flower,” a Taoist text, puts seven golden steps leading to the mountain palace of the divine emperor who sits upon a throne in ” the square inch (third eye) within the square foot (the face)”.

The meditation on the Seven Garden Terraces, journeying up the Sacred Mountain is active-dynamic. Through skillful guidance and the power of visualisation, you’ll experience your inner world and learn to commune with your Source.

This meditation alone has changed many people’s lives for the better. It is part of our Reiki Resonance Practitioners Program but can be studied on its own. It is another way through to your Source, and with Reiki, it becomes the path of Grace.