What is Transformation?

The Alchemist Transforms Personal Power
Into Global Consciousness

Those enlightened beings who have been most effective throughout history seem to have had some inner Guiding Light. They have often spoken of their Source of guidance and inspiration. Becoming conscious of, and co-creating with our Source drastically alters our very method of thinking, our perception of reality, and our consciousness. The discovery of a greater Source of information and guidance is basic to the Alchemist.

If you do not have a blueprint you cannot build a house. If you do not have a light you cannot see in the dark. In the building of a life it is “inner light consciousness” that transforms the Average Human into an Alchemist.

Transformation is the work of the modern Alchemist. You become the Alchemist that is transforming lead into gold.

The teacher initiates the Alchemist’s formula through a process of character building, which is the basic building block of a secure, whole life.

1. Reiki I and II is the foundation and pre-requisite for this program.

2. Introduction to a 9-step process to master emotions

3. A metaphysical meditation through the symbol of Divinity.

This weekend program is for the spiritual seeker who requires precise guidance to attain clarity for their life’s journey and purpose and who want’s to discover the true Self.

The process is one of Elegance through the Power of Love.

Transformation Weekends Fee $ 300.00 (includes GST)