Terms and conditions for Reiki Resonance seminars


  1. General

By registering for a seminar, the participant accepts the general terms and conditions of Reiki Resonance International with Reiki Master/Teacher Marcus Nassner as the organizer. The organizer offers seminars, training and coaching. By registering, you confirm that you are ready to engage in self-awareness processes and act independently. Participation assumes normal physical and mental resilience. In my seminars methods for activating self-healing powers, mental and energetic elements for personal development are taught. Each participant independently determines and takes personal responsibility to what extent he or she gets involved with the knowledge imparted. No drugs are prescribed, medical diagnoses made, or promises of healing made. We respect therapy concepts and methods from other disciplines. We always strive for a trustful cooperation, networking with conventional medicine, hospitals, alternative practitioners and other therapists. All Reiki Resonance International offers are intended to be self-empowering and offer help for self-help.


  1. Registration and commitment

The seminar can be booked with the seminar organizer using the registration form provided on the homepage at www.reikiresonance.net/seminars. The seminar booking is only binding for the organizer once the relevant deposit has been paid and written confirmation has been given by the seminar organizer. The bookings for accommodation and meals are made by the seminar participant and are made directly with the accommodation agency (e.g. hotel). Seminars or meditation retreats which include accommodation are excluded from this rule.


After registration you will receive a written confirmation of the reservation. The seminar fee is due no later than 3 weeks before the seminar begins. For short-term registrations, as well as for participants from abroad, the fee is due on the day of the event and must be paid in cash before the start. Please understand that you will not be able to participate in the seminar without payment.


If more registrations are received than there are places available; the order of the registration date counts. When the maximum number of participants for an event has been reached, interested parties will be placed on a waiting list. The right to participate in the seminar is not justified by inclusion in the waiting list.


  1. Cancellation

The following cancellation conditions apply. Cancellations of a seminar must be made in writing. If a substitute participant is provided in the event of cancellation; the cancellation fee does not apply. If the participant cancels or rebooks a seminar, the following fees will be charged:

– up to 28 calendar days before the start of the event: no fee

– up to 14 calendar days before the start of the event: 50% of the participation fee

– less than 7 calendar days: full participation fee

– In the event of no-show (for whatever reason), the full fee must be paid.

In the event of illness, we will make a reimbursement upon presentation of a medical certificate. If the seminar is cancelled by the participant, there will be no partial refund of the seminar fee. Cancellations must always be made in writing by post or email and are only effective once they have been confirmed by Reiki Resonance International.


  1. Cancellation of seminars

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or reschedule events due to insufficient number of participants. If the minimum number of participants (of 4 people per seminar) is not reached, the organizer reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel the seminar. We ask for your understanding that we have to reserve the right to do so and will endeavour to inform you of the cancellation as early as possible. If an event is postponed, participants can choose between participating in the alternative date offered and in being reimbursed of any fees that have already been paid. If a seminar has been cancelled without an alternative offer, participation fees that have already been paid will be refunded. If an event is cancelled due to illness of the teacher, force majeure or other unforeseeable circumstances, there is no entitlement to the participant or claim to be made by the participant and the organizer is not duty-bound to hold the event. Likewise, if a seminar is cancelled or the date is postponed, no travel and accommodation costs or expenses incurred due to lost work will be covered.


  1. Participant behaviour and ethics

The participants are prohibited from any commercial activity during the seminar. It is therefore impossible to offer and sell your own products in any form inside or outside the seminars. Each participant recognizes the house rules of the seminar organizer in the seminar rooms. If a participant disturbs the seminar flow through his appearance or behaviour, or if a participant repeatedly fails to follow the instructions of the seminar leader, which are necessary for the subtle and delicate nature of energy transmissions, he can be excluded from the seminar. In this case, the seminar fee has to be paid in full.


  1. Conditions of participation

You are obliged to inform me of any illnesses, drug addictions or disabilities. It goes without saying that the information will be treated as strictly confidential. With some seminars it is necessary that you are able to sit for a longer period of time, with others such as the 8 day meditation retreat that you are able to hike for a longer period of time. Having said this you can always choose to not participate in a particular event during a seminar, but you cannot claim a refund or reduction of the seminar fee. Please read the detailed description in the information letter after you have registered.


  1. Data protection

The seminar participant agrees that his data will be stored electronically and that he may be contacted by the seminar leader for the purpose of organization and information. The data will of course be treated confidentially and never be shared with third parties.


  1. Final provisions

If a provision of this contract should not be legally effective in whole or in part, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The ineffective provision is to be replaced by an effective one that comes closest to the intended provision. With signing the registration you accept these general terms and conditions.