Conscious Living and Dying

Through the eyes of a child, death is a natural part of life. The Magic is so often lost in the subtlety or in the agony.

Discover the Wholeness while you are living.

Many people have sat at the bedside of a loved one and felt helpless and hopelessly inadequate to do anything. “We have to take a good hard look at our own attitude toward death and dying before we can sit quietly and without anxiety next to a terminally ill patient”.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

This program has several stages. We work with the disillusionment of the four Elements and the main verses of the six Bardos. Bardo is a Tibetan word that simply means a “transition” or a gap between the completion of one situation and the onset of another.

Are you committed to exploring the nature of your own relationship with Reiki and Living and Dying in order that you may serve another better?

Conscious Living and Dying is an intensive program, which is to be held at retreats.