Reiki Level 2 – Okuden

Distance Healing – Develop a deeper understanding of the power of Reiki Resonance.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the power of Reiki Resonance II absent healings. The course is traditionally taught over three consecutive nights (approx.16 hours) after a Reiki Resonance level I seminar but may also be taught over the course of a weekend. You’ll learn how to send healing energy to friends and family around the world. It will enhance your psychic ability, your telepathic potential and show you how to commune beyond time and space to resonate with your superconscious mind. 

The course consists of the traditional Okuden attunements and the teachings of the three Reiki Ryoho symbols along with their correct uses as well as their esoteric and exoteric meaning. The symbols themselves do not hold any power, but when used in conjunction with the initiation, they become useful and powerful tools for raising your vibrational frequency, directing energy and transcending time and space. Traditional Japanese techniques are taught, and you’ll get an insight into the world of sacred geometry, invocation and resonance. 

The power of intention, focus and stillness are explained as well as the energetic connection to the client via a photo and the name of the client. The setting for the Distance Healing ritual is explained as well as the function of a proxy which serves as a substitute for the absent body of the client. The intention working with others as with ourselves is always based on loving kindness and enlightenment.

The permission to write a Distance Healing must be given personally by the client. We always ask for a second permission when we invoke the energetic thought form of the client. The client is also informed about the procedure, that it is a channelled – written form of absent healing. The written material will be handed over by the channel to the client. The ethics contained in the Reiki Resonance II Distance Healing procedure are impeccable and have been honoured by all students around the world. They instil a greater level of trust through the power of love, spiritual intimacy and compassion.

We believe that this course is among the most advanced Distance Healing courses in the world today.  

Reiki Level II seminar fee $ 860.00 (includes GST).

Reiki Level I with Marcus Nassner is a pre-requisite